Friday, January 19, 2007

255 Horses

So I officially get the car mid next week, the latest being Wednesday (I hope). It's an Audi A6 if that means anything to anyone. After further consulting of my injuries I have found out that I could be in excrutiating pain for a month or so. I'm planning on going for an MRI to see if I have small fracture(s) in my chest or sternum or ribs or that region of my upper body.

Last night after a very scary ride home from Ridgefield I did a little softcore Ping Pong training with Sean. Thanks guy for not taking me to school!

The pain I endured from all my hits caused practice to end early. Why does swinging my arm hurt my chest? Why?! Luckily I have not lost my touch, I still have an ill back-spinning backhand. My smash still has some power, which overpowers my chest and makes me collapse onto my knees.

Things not to do on the road:

Do not drive if you don't have a license.
Do not drive if you have been drinking all night into the morning.
Do not drive if you are high on who knows what kind of drugs.
Do not drive if you are illegally in this country.
Do not drive if you don't have insurance.
Do not turn the wheel of your car until you are actually making the turn.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dope Ride

As I anticipate the arrival of a new car, I'll be rolling in my dad's civic while he drives the rental car. Should be getting the car by the beginning of next week.. unless of course someone else buys the car out from under us :(

Anyhow.. today is Wednesday and it has been exactly one week since I have been able to play a game of Ping Pong. I am ashamed of lacking play. Still I must rest my wounds, I think my sternum hurts more and more everyday. This afternoon I plan to relieve myself and attempt to play a game or two with Sean. If I face defeat.. from my younger brother.. it would truly disgrace to the game. I'll probably have a surgical operation to make my right hand my left and my left my right.

I've been meaning to put up some pics of the table and basically me being completely Azn, it will surely spark a laugh inside you all.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Table Injury

After taking a moment to talk with my younger brother Sean about helping me get back into my game; he has informed me that the Ping Pong table has taken a hit! One of the wheels on the bottom of the table that are used for moving the table has broken off. As terrible as this may sound, everything is still okay. The table is still in great condition and we can still play!

My dad said that the wheel must have been locked when someone tried to move the table causing it to break. He ordered several new wheels to replace this one and just incase it happens again. The only bummer now is that the wheels are on back order so we should be receiving them sometime in February... I guess that just about concludes my week with not enough Ping Pong.

Rough week

Unfortunately, I have no new Ping Pong updates for myself this week. On my way to school on Wednesday morning I got in a car accident. This was a pretty crazy event, the lady who hit me head on was drunk and on drugs. Thank god that Cate and Mike, and everyone else involved was okay.

The minor injuries I did sustain have kept me from doing any sort of physical activity, including Ping Pong. My sternum took a pretty hard hit from the air bag and I also got whiplash. Over the next couple days I will slowly be weening my way back into the game.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Blood Blister - oh noes

I guess I've developed a blood blister from straight up too much Ping Pong.. no, there is no such thing as too much table tennis, but soon my body will deteriorate to nothing. This pocket of blood is on the inside of my right ring finger, right where that skin flap folds when you bend your finger inward ever so slightly.

Hopefully I can fit at least an hour of training in today.. I work today from 3 until around 6:30 and then my life falls apart on the drive home from Ridgefield (for those who don't know that is in CT).

Don't let injuries bring down your play, anyone who wants to take me on let me know -- time place and cash value :o.

Signing out.

Monday, January 8, 2007


Alright, so the ping pong tourney this weekend I would classify as an overall success. The turnout was what I consider decent, there were six of us including myself. I regret to inform you that I did not come out in the number one spot, luckily for me, nothing was on the line.

Give me a week, week and a half tops, and I'll rise from my number two spot and be closer to claiming the world. (Yes Chris Kelly, I am claiming higher rank than you O:~ )

The extensive hours of ping pong are beginning to take control of my body. My ankles are weak from vigorous movement on the court, and I have a stiff neck now on top of the back problems. Yikes!

Friday, January 5, 2007


My back is stiff from a long week of extensive training. It's about time I invest in some shoes that are more comfortable for my hours of non-stop play; I find my toes are getting blistered. Over the past two days or so I've endured roughly six hours of training, primary smash training. My training partner, Chris Kelly, and I have our eyes set on one goal: World domination in the realm of Ping Pong.

This weekend I will be hosting a small tournament in my garage.. the stakes will be very high. My winnings will go towards my tweeked out blade so I can work on the V-grip, an experimental style being developed in China^_^.